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How To Get the Best Value Out Of Your Carpet

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Bought a new house? You probably have a long list of items you want to buy such as comfy sofas for the living room, a king size bed, an office table and more. But picking the right carpet is a big commitment.

Have you thought about which type of carpet you will buy or will you simply enter the shop and pick the first one that looks good? There’s one thing you need to consider before making such a hasty move: how long does the carpet last?

Looking at the other flooring options such as marble, natural stone or hardwood, carpet proves to be quite affordable. However, the problem with this flooring option is that it has a shorter lifespan. If you are on a budget and looking for the right carpet for your home, then have a look at the following tips:

Considering Carpet Fibers

Nylon carpet is resilient, durable and provides your feet the softest of feeling. However, it is also quite expensive.

Why not look at other options such as polyester or polypropylene? The former carpet option is not as durable as nylon but can hold on for a long time. It is stain-resistant and available in numerous colors and styles, more than nylon.

The latter carpet option is the least expensive and is best for areas that receive low foot traffic. There are a few designs such as those having the looped form that last longer. It is almost stain-proof, so if you are going for this option, make sure that you keep up with the maintenance.

Choosing the Style

Another thing that tells you how long carpet lasts, is the design. If you are on a budget then the two best durable carpet options are Berber and Frieze. Berber is a looped design that folds the fibers and forms a loop. Basically, you are walking on the sides of the carpet fibers, not on top. As for Frieze, this carpet design resembles the strands of a mop. The twist and turns of the mop provides the carpet strength and makes it last longer.

Buy Those In-Stock

Retailers often carry a few common designs in-stock. Although the selection will be limited you could save a lot. When spending big bucks on the carpet, set aside a small amount for the padding. A cushion underneath the carpet can help it perform better. So buy thick padding such as polyurethane foam.

Follow these tips and you will be able to buy a great carpet within your budget. Depending on the number of people living in your house and presence of pets, think twice before going for carpet as the flooring option. If you can keep up with the maintenance, then laying down carpet in a low traffic area will definitely work for your home.

If you have any questions, let us know! We are happy to help.