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Spruce up Your Interior with These 5 Carpet Trends

It’s 2018 and you’re probably wondering why carpets are still a trend. Weren’t shiny vinyl-tiles and strand-woven bamboo floors the definition of a contemporary interior design? Who’d ever want to carpet their floors knowing they can easily catch stubborn stains and take forever to clean?

Floor carpets seem to gang up on you by secretly collecting heaps of dust under them giving you the illusion your house is spic and span.

But that was last year…or maybe a few years ago. Are carpets still an interior outcast?

Do they still feel like a scruffy shroud over your fancy floor?

Not really. If you’re planning to ditch carpets for bare floors, what you’re about to read next will definitely impel you to reconsider.

Just like with every industry, the recent boom in technology has managed to make its way into modern interior as well. If you think the recent flooring trends have you sold, you’re still oblivious to what technology and innovation has done for carpets.

Bringing you the most innovative, jaw-dropping carpet trends of 2018, make way for some stylish, eco-friendly rugs to spruce up your house!

The Waterproof Magic  


Waterproof carpets are the coolest trend of 2018. Your child spilling soda over the carpet could now be the least of your worries because the fabric simply won’t soak up the liquid.

Using an incredibly unique LifeGuard technology, only a few interior brands have produced these fully waterproof carpets; finally putting an end to all your cleaning worries.

Lean to Green


You were probably expecting recycled flooring in this list. And why wouldn’t it be? Modern room designs are incomplete without green choices. People don’t buy into aesthetics anymore, now they want valuable products carrying meaning when it comes to the bigger picture.

Green flooring has been a hot a topic these days. By creating carpets with recycled materials like plastic soda bottles, this trend will is dominating the interior industry.  

The Frieze Carpet


To put it simply, Frieze carpeting is described as the “twist” carpet where the fabric is twisted multiple times to produce an intricately woven and elegant carpet design.

And no, they don’t look like old-school shaggy carpets. Getting them in the right colors to complement your walls and furniture can certainly make them the highlight of your living room.

Carpet Tiles?!


Hold on! Carpets made into tiles?? This is truly an out-of-the-box, super-creative trend. Whether it’s juice, curry, wine, or even bleach accidentally spilled on the carpet, you will not have to buy a new one ever.

Just simply replace the stained tile with a new one and you’re good to do. Carpet tiles are perfect for basement flooring. A lot of them are waterproof too so you have smart options to choose from.

A Blend of Ombre Hues


If you’re a fan of the famous ombre effect when it comes to makeup or clothes, you’d absolutely love this trend as well. You can have beautiful sunset or rainbow colors blended into the rug and place them at the entrance or the lounge where they’re most likely to catch the eye.

To further your love story with carpet, check out why carpet is a great option for youSo which one of these are you slipping in your room?