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What Is the Lifespan Of a Carpet?

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The lifespan of a carpet depends on things like where you live, what kind traffic the room has, and the person you are living with. With regular maintenance, you can probably add years to the carpet’s life but eventually the wear and tear will start to show. This is an unpleasant sight that no one wants their guests to see.

If you live in an area where the weather conditions are dry or humid, the part of the carpet nearest to an open door will become dry.

If there are pets in your house, then small balls of fur will get stuck in the carpet fibers.

If you love DIY work or are forever changing the furniture setting in your house, then you will see skid marks and ripped off fibers on your carpet.


The first sign of your carpet losing its quality is when certain areas of the carpet stay matted down, especially in high traffic areas. Carpets with polyester fibers are more vulnerable to foot traffic and there’s often nothing you can do make the fibers stand up again.


Whether you spill a glass of red wine or your toddler made a mess, taking out the stains that result from these moments is difficult. While a treatment from a professional carpet cleaner might hide them, over time they will surface as the treatment fades. So it’s best to replace the carpet or cover the stain with furniture or an area rug.

Bad Smell

When your carpet starts to smell, it is because you have created a bacterial or fungal environment in the fibers. This is a sign that your carpet now has mold and mildew, which can lead to allergies and can also be dangerous if you have toddlers in your house.

Worn-Out Padding

One of the most commons signs of how long your carpet will last is when you no longer feel that softness under your feet. The padding of the carpet is the one feature we all love. When you spot unevenness and crinkling on certain areas of the carpet, then it is barely holding by its fiber.

Increased Allergy Symptoms

Dust, pet dander, dirt and other such elements are all the reasons behind allergies. If you spot the above signs and your family members start suffering from cold, then it’s an indication that the carpet needs to be replaced.

You can always call a professional cleaning service to restore the carpet back to its former glory but eventually the signs will start appearing in a more vigorous manner. So, better spend your hard earned money on purchasing a new carpet rather than wasting money on carpet maintenance again and again.