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When Does Carpet Go On Sale?

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When it comes to decorating your house, the task seems impossible. Faced with so many choices, you can get analysis paralysis. Armoire or buffet? Tile or carpet? If your answer is carpet, then keep on reading.

One thing you should know is that the price of the carpet does not depend on the season entirely. There are other factors such as the current trends, the design, end of season sales, and when house buying is at its peak.

Following is the breakdown of carpet sale according to the four seasons:


This is perhaps the best time to buy a carpet. You will find the newest and latest styles. While two or three new styles are introduced every season, spring is the best time to grab a design that will give the interior a great look. New designs are first unveiled at trade shows like the International Surface show held annually in January, just as winter is about to end.


Summer is the time when schools are off and most people are planning vacations or trying to remain indoors, relaxing in the cool breeze of the AC. This a slow time because people are more focused on the outdoors. This time of the year, the focus is on improving the curb appeal, which means fewer people buy carpet. Since carpet sales are slow, you will find the prices may have reduced.


This is the busiest season of the year where people are clamoring for the best deals and preparing their homes for the upcoming winter season. Manufacturers often run big promotions that can help you save.


At this time of the season, the sales are very slow. People are now more focused on other things such as purchasing gifts for Christmas. As the New Year looms, people are trying to get all their affairs in order so that they can enjoy the holiday season more freely. As mentioned earlier, this is the time when the carpet trade show happens, so you won’t be able to get your hands on the latest design until winter is over.

The four seasons represent different opportunities for buying a carpet. The question is: what is your priority? Latest design or the price?

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