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How To Get the Best Value Out Of Your Carpet

Bought a new house? You probably have a long list of items you want to buy such as comfy sofas for the living room, a king size bed, an office table and more. But picking the right carpet is a big commitment. Have you thought about which type of carpet you will buy or will […]

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2018 Tile Trends

Tile adds tremendous beauty and glamour to any space. It has the potential to transform kitchens and bathrooms (or any room, for that matter,) in your house. Here are some of the top trends in 2018. 1.    Grout for Contrast Subway tiles have been in style for quite some time. But with 2018, subway tiles […]

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Hardwood Floor Layout and Finish Trends of 2018

Trends of hardwood floors in 2018 are far from boring and are likely to stay fashionable for the next few years. There are many competitors that are coming at par with hardwood with advances in technology that are truly amazing and innovative. Some of these advances include laminate, vinyl and tile, of all things. Wood […]

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Why Choose Interceramic Tiles

A tile is a thin flat slab, a piece of manufactured material used to decorate the interior and exterior of buildings.  According to Encyclopedia Britannica, tiles were initially made of glazed or unglazed fired clay in the past; however modern tiles have also been made using ceramic, glass, asphalt, and asbestos cement. Tiles can be simple squares […]

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Santa Fe Window Covering Options – Blynco Window Fashions

Santa Fe is a high elevation community, situated 7,200 feet above sea level. The weather is normally clear with little or no cloud cover, sunny and very dry, with little humidity. Most homes build in Santa Fe have multiple sets of windows, making the homes ripe for classic blinds, or curtains. One of the window […]

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Seeking Carpet Companies in Santa Fe NM – Absolute Flooring and Interiors Has Got Your Floor Covered

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Absolute Flooring and Interiors is a Santa Fe, NM carpet company and a whole lot more. One of the top carpet lines the company carries is Beaulieu America. It is a company of 4,500 associates who are dedicated to providing you quality, stylish flooring solutions for your home or your commercial flooring. Beaulieu America strives […]

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