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Everything You Need To Know About Granite Counter Tops

Granite is an igneous rock that has become the most popular material for kitchen countertops all around the world. Almost every other home these days has a granite kitchen countertop due to the raw natural aesthetic facet that these rocks provide. Previously granite was only limited to kitchen counter tops but now granite is being used for different structures including pillars and even as wall mounts.

The underlining reason why granite has become the face of countertops all around the world is due to the contemporary facet that this stone provides and its raw natural beauty. But even there are so many other alternatives available in the market today, that blindly choosing a granite countertop is not recommended. However, there is no doubt that granite not only vibrates a natural beauty that can accentuate the facet of your kitchen and that it provides an array of benefits. Some of the most profound benefits that granite provides are mentioned below,

Granite is one of the most durable materials

The first and most prominent benefit of granite countertops is the fact that this igneous rock has a holocrystalline structure. This basically means that the crystals present in the stone are not fully developed and that with time they grow into each other. This interlocking of crystals provides a structurally sound material that is extremely durable and can stand the test of time. Which is exactly why it granite is considered to be the best material for kitchen countertops. It is extremely resistant to normal wear and tear which ensures that the counter is completely scratch or crack free. Even if you decide to start chopping vegetables on the counter, your knife will get ruined far before anything happens to the counter top.

Granite provides an array of designs and colors

Another reason why granite is the first choice when it comes to kitchen countertops is the fact that his rock provides an endless choice of designs. So any homeowner can easily find a design that coincides with the rest of their kitchen. Previously only granite slabs were available but now due to innovation in technology a granite stone can be cut into any shape or form! Furthermore, granite countertops are available in different colors such as gray, white, pink and orange.

Granite is affordable compared to other natural stones

But what really makes granite so special is the fact that any homeowner can easily find a granite kitchen countertop that suits their budget. Since there are so many different types available in the market, people can easily select a type that looks exactly like its expensive counterparts. Most people these days opt for the basic granite type but then use finishing techniques to make sure the countertop provides a timeless aura that seems priceless.

Low maintenance

Finally, the last reason why granite is so incredibly popular is the fact that this natural stone does not require extensive maintenance. Any homeowner can easily purchase a product that is designed to accentuate the beauty of the stone and preserve its impeccable finish.