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How to Choose the Best Counter top Material for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

One must always aim for a balance between design and utility when it comes to choosing countertops for your bathrooms or kitchens. Both of these rooms are the most important in any house which is why they deserve some special attention too. Not only will installing the right countertops bring an aesthetic appeal to them, they will also increase your house’s resale value. That being said, to help you decide, we have listed a few factors that must be considered when choosing countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms.


The first thing that should kick-start your hunt for the ideal countertop materials for your kitchen and bathrooms should be an overall theme. What do you want your kitchen to say about you? Do you want something that matches your personality or something that goes well with the overall theme and structure of the house? Once you have a theme in mind, you can begin your search by looking for those chosen tones, styles, colors and textures.


Next, comes the durability of the material. Since countertops are big investments, when making one you will expect it to last at least a few years before needing change. Out of any surface, countertops are the ones that take most wear and tear, be it in kitchen or bathroom. Cheap material countertops can easily stain; crack or even burn which means money will have to be put in order to repair them. This is why material like granite and marbles are so expensive. The biggest upside is their durability and longer lifespan. If you can afford to invest in one, they should be your first pick.


Another important factor to consider when choosing countertops for your kitchens and bathrooms is the level of cleaning they will require. Surfaces that stain easily, no matter how good they look, will give you a hard time during cleaning. We are talking about materials like granite and marble which look great but come with the hassle of regular cleaning even after sealing. Conversely, most solid-surface countertop materials are non-porous which means they will be easier and quicker to clean after.


How much are you willing to pay will be a big factor in determining which materials you can get. Materials like granite, stainless steel, concrete, or quartz are usually on the higher end of the spectrum as they are sturdier and long-lasting. But that doesn’t mean that other options like recycled glass tops, wood or tiles aren’t any good. They too, have their own beauty and are average-priced. Therefore, when picking countertop materials, be sure to stay within an affordable budget.


Both kitchen and bathrooms must be kept clean all of the time. Since both are the most frequently-used rooms in any house, when it comes to choosing the material for it, always pick one that doesn’t have grooves. Countertops with grooves can easily become a breeding space for dirt and bacteria which will raise health concerns for any homeowner. This means that material like tiles or concrete that loosens over time will not be the best choice.


Finally, you must also decide on which material will work best with the theme in your mind. Based on the theme, you can choose amongst the following designs mentioned below. Each brings with itself a specific uniqueness to both your kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Natural stone: Granite, Marble, soapstone or slate

  • Stainless Steel

  • Manufactured Quartz

  • Laminate

  • Butcher Block Ceramic Tiles

Once you have your heart set on the theme, have your budget finalized; consider the health aspect of your decision and evaluate the level of durability you want. Only then will you be able to choose the best countertops for your bathrooms and kitchen.

Happy shopping!