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Why You Should Choose Mexican Tile Counter Tops

If you want a uniquely beautiful countertop, you can’t go wrong if you opt for Mexican tile countertops. Designed according to Mexican standards and embodying a similar design, these are some of the most beautiful countertops that you can get for your household. If you are considering this product but are unsure if it will be the right fit for your home, the following should help you to ensure that you are happy with them.

  1. Deep Colors

If you love deep and vibrant shades of red, blues, greens and yellows, you will love the colors available in Mexican tiles. A lot of Mexican tile colors are vibrant and their tile is no different. The bright and deep colors have an attractive intensity to them that other tile usually does not possess. Whether you mix and match or use them on their own, you can easily get Mexican tile countertops in varying colors with ease.

  1. Ceramic and Different Clays

A traditional Mexican tile is crafted from clay but you can also find them made from ceramic and other durable materials. The biggest thing about Mexican tiles is that they are handcrafted and slow fired. For this, clay, ceramic and similar materials are better suited. This gives you more choices and options and you can easily pick and choose to get the best Mexican tile countertops.

  1. Different Finishes

Just like they are made from different materials, Mexican tiles have different finishes that ensure that you can easily explore a wide array of design options. While some are more matte, others have a glossy finish with a high shine that reflects light well. Most countertops usually have all tiles with the same type of finish since it has a more even look then but some can be made with different finishes too.

  1. Variety of Patterns

The best part about Mexican tile countertops is the different patterns they showcase. From floral to vines and vintage motifs, you can easily find a large range of patterns. Some even consist largely of fruit, animals and other designs that play a huge role in Mexican culture. The best part is that these are brilliantly colored and extremely affordable.

  1. Cost Effective

Compared to quartz or granite countertops, Mexican tile countertops can be extremely cost effective, particularly since there is no wastage and you nothing has to be cut down to size. Based on the different finishes, materials, designs and more, you can easily get a countertop made from Mexican tiles that are well within your budget.