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4 Common styles of floors

Choosing the right floor type can be a cumbersome task as most floor types seem similar, as it is hard to differentiate between them. This problem is easily fixed once the type of floors and what their features are, is known to you. Following are the 4 types briefed down to help you know more about them.

1-Carpet Style

Each type of carpet allows you to coordinate your room with the style and design you like. If your room has a traditional décor and high traffic then a textured carpet is the right kind to go with. It looks more spacious. If you like to go casual and stylish, then the twist carpet is suitable. They frame the spaces in a room and as they carry a contemporary look, they are ideal for bedrooms.

Those rooms that are most active or crowded majority of the time in your house are best fits for loop carpet. The structure of their fabric gives great durability. For a sophisticated look with more detailed design, a patterned carpet can be used which also coordinates with the room’s décor.

2-Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is available as finished or unfinished. It is made from various tree species including Acacia, Hickory, Walnut, Oak, and Maple. It is available in three styles namely Narrow strips, wider planks or those with random width. Because it is natural, it is not suitable for areas where water is likely to fall such as kitchen, bathrooms or washing areas.

Engineered hardwood is the second kind of hardwood which is pre-finished and allows you to cover more area in less time when installing. Its surface is laminated and thus it is more stable and less prone to moisture. These can be easily used in the kitchen of a house.

3-Laminated or Floated Plank Flooring

This is best for DIY installation in homes and comes in different colors, styles, and textures. These can be used in any type of room. These do not need any nails, glues or synthetics. Rather, a tongue and groove assembly enable click fix into each other and the floor is ready. Be sure to enjoy a clean and smooth subfloor.

Thickness, quality, and prices are what you can compare before deciding on the laminated flooring model.

4-Tile Flooring

A most common type of tile is ceramic tile that comes in various sizes, colors, and designs. They are very affordable and are best suited for indoor use on floors, walls or countertops. Another dense and durable type of tiles includes Porcelain tiles. These come in as many varieties as ceramic tiles but are denser and thus can also be used outdoors as they cannot withstand cold temperature and water.

Natural stone tiles are made of granite, marble, slate, travertine, and limestone and are expensive to buy but are considered exotic. These are rich in color and elegant and sought for kitchens and bathrooms. They are difficult to maintain.

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