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A Flooring Contractor Asking for Deposit Before We See a Contract

Collecting bids and hiring contractors can be nerve-wracking if you’ve never done it before. However, if you need flooring installed and your potential flooring contractor requires a contractor deposit agreement, take a step back.

Step One: Contractor Should Give You an Estimate with Dimensions

If you need to install flooring of any kind, the contractor should come out and give you data on how much flooring you need to buy as well as an estimate on the installation. While it’s not unusual for contractors to ask you to go ahead and purchase the materials per their estimate, you should not have to give them a deposit for the labor.

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Step Two: Choose the Materials

Peruse the samples at Absolute Flooring, make a decision and purchase materials. When buying carpet, be sure and ask about repeating patterns in the carpet, especially if the room you need to carpet is more than 12 feet in one direction as the carpet will need to be seamed.

If you’re buying carpet for a residence, buy residential carpet and pad. Commercial carpet is cheaper but is designed to be glued and probably won’t work in a residential application.

If your budget is very tight, don’t be tempted to put the carpet down over the subfloor and skip the pad. Your carpet will wear out very quickly without a quality pad under it.

Whatever material you buy, let the flooring store know that your contractor will be picking up the product. Make sure to leave the contractor’s name with the store and make sure that the contractor has your contact info so they can pick up the product with no worries or delays.

Tolerances: Due Diligence as a Buyer

When you’re buying sheet vinyl and carpet, your contractor will probably give you an estimate with a bit of overage; it’s better to have a little too much than to come up short. However, if you’re buying ceramic tile, be ready to buy an overage to make up for breakage or any custom cutting that needs to be done. Also, be aware that tile is measured in inches, so if you have the square footage of the room, be ready to convert it to square inches to make sure you get enough tile (plus at least 10% more.)

Finding a Contractor

If you’re really struggling to find a flooring contractor who doesn’t ask for questionable things like a contractor deposit agreement, ask the experts at Absolute Flooring for recommendations. Your best option for finding an independent contractor with a great reputation is to talk to the folks who own large material outlets. Small one or two-person shops get by on their reputation, so if a supply outlet has recommendations and the contractor calls you back, you may be on the road to a great relationship with a reputable contractor.