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Floor Transition Strips Guide

When two different types of flooring materials abutt each other, you want the transition to be smooth and eye-appealing. This will help boost the value of your house aesthetically as well as functionally. There are several types of transitions in flooring that are available, and the type that you choose will depend on the types of flooring that you have and the aesthetic look that you’re trying to achieve.

shallow focus of laminate and tile floor meet with a transition strip


One common type of transition strip is the t-bar, which is named after its shape. This type of strip is used with two different types of the hard floor that are a similar height. For instance, t-bar floor transitions strips could be used with tile that abutts wood floors. Installation of this kind of strip involves either nailing or gluing it down to the subfloor.

Reducer Molding

This type of strip is used best with two hard-surface flooring types that are of unequal heights. For instance, if you had laminate flooring that abutted tile, this would be a good type of strip because it makes a gradual transition between the two types of flooring.

Aluminum Strip With Bar

If you have carpet next to a hard-surface floor, this is the best type of strip. It’s made with an aluminum strip that is installed underneath the low-pile carpet, but a laminate strip that matches the laminate floor is the part that you actually see.

Seam Binders

This type of transition strip is used between two wood floors that aren’t connected, giving it a more seamless appearance. This type of transition is screwed into the subfloor rather than either of the wood floors, which allows both floors to expand and contract with changes in temperature.

Aluminum Carpet Edge Gripper

This type of transition has teeth that latch onto the carpet underneath. It’s a great option for use with almost any type of carpet with any flooring that is lower than the carpet, such as vinyl. When you install this type of strip, you’ll ensure that the ends of the carpet don’t fray.

Multi-Floor Transition Strip

This kind of strip was designed to fit on a wide variety of floors. It has several pieces that can be switched out, depending on if the floor levels are the same or different heights.

Better transitions in flooring will protect the ends of various flooring materials, give your floors a professional appearance, and lessen the likelihood of tripping. When you’re picking out the materials for this project, make sure that you choose the floor transitions strip that is suited for the types of floors that you’re trying to finish.

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