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Flooring and Your Options

Your house and your property are important. However, it’s more important to give them that homely feeling that also reflects your personal taste. In this post, we will look at the many options you have for your floor.


One of the best options you have on hand is carpets. They are comfortable, and with regular vacuuming, stay clean and will last longer. The only drawback of carpets is that dust gets caught on them and this will aggravate allergies. If you don’t get your carpets cleaned by professionals, you might end up catching an allergy.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring comes in a number of shades. It is considered a tradition in American homes and is a sign of taste and performance. Hardwood flooring is loved for its natural beauty, and they also provide lasting durability. Keeping them clean is an easy job as well. Hardwood is extracted from a few widely known trees. These include Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Maple, and Hickory. Each wood type has its own strengths and benefits.


Laminate flooring or floating wood tile is a completely artificial product that mimics the look of actual wood or stone. Its inner core layer is composed of Melamine Resin and Fiberboard materials. Laminate flooring has gained popularity over the years and it is easier to install and maintain, as compared to hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is a popular choice for DIY homeowners.


Tiles are thin flat slabs of manufactured decorative material. They are one of the other popular flooring options, and you see them commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles come in a great variety of patterns and colors, and a base material in three different types: Ceramic, Porcelain, and Accents. Each type of material has its strengths, benefits and is purpose built.


Vinyl is a luxury product and some of the most innovative and versatile type of flooring on the market. It offers the richness and textures of expensive natural materials, such as hardwood and materials used for tiles ceramic and stone. It is strong but feels soft when you walk on it and is a marvel at maintaining comfortable temperatures in any season. Vinyl is waterproof and easy to install. Mohawk vinyl flooring technology is specially designed to resist heat and sunlight, and can effectively maintain its shape even at high temperatures.

Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk is not one of the oldest companies out there, starting operations in 1992. However, it has become a leading manufacturer in North America, nonetheless. It has acquired companies across the industry, which has it owning and managing a host of brands across North America and Europe that add to an impressive product portfolio. The Mohawk brand itself offers flooring products, If you want to check them out, visit absolute flooring.