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11 Reasons to Choose Daltile Flooring

With an amazing, eco-friendly palette of flooring options to choose from, here are 11 reasons why you must check out Daltile flooring for your next interior shopping trip.

1. Durable

Daltile floors are made from sturdy materials like wood, concrete, and marble, giving them great durability. Wood and stone stay in mint condition for many years with a long-lasting service life.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Daltile flooring doesn’t need frequent touch-ups or polish because they naturally self-maintain. Wood, for example only requires waxing once a year while marble and concrete simply need to be mopped with a mild cleaner once a week.  

3. Green and Sustainable

The tiles have the least carbon footprint and are completely free of any harmful toxins while they’re being manufactured.

Daltile has a socially-responsible company policy. They have made solid efforts to conserve gas and electricity at its distribution and sales centers.

4. Thermal and Water-Resistant

The flooring tiles are waterproof and don’t catch stubborn stains, so it’s easy to clean them weekly. They’re also resistant to thermal shock, which means if they’re ever hit with excessive heat or cold, they’re less likely to crack. And this brings us to their next perk.

5. Conducive to Heating Floors

If you wish to install a heating floor to warm up your house during winters, Daltile floor is the best choice. You won’t have to spend money on baseboard heating because the fine woodwork on the tiles works well with modern heat-systems.

6. Variety of Design Options

At Daltile, you will have a wealth of flooring variety. From modern metallic to monochromatic flooring for an urban interior.  If you prefer greener options, you can choose a Forest Park or Emerson Wood flooring.

7. Reasonably Priced

Of course! Who can deny the price factor. Offering you the most stylish and statement floors to enhance the look of your interior, Daltile delivers them at affordable prices so you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket.

8. Hypoallergenic

Ceramic tiles are pretty hard surfaces so they don’t trap allergens and are easy to clean. You won’t have to fret about dust mites or pollen on the floors. causing potential allergens.

9. Maintains Cool Temperatures

Ceramic floors made from wood and marble are quite resistant to changes in temperature. During summer, your home will be cool and breezy because Daltile floors work together with the AC thermostat to maintain a pleasant temperature.

10. Healthy Living Space

Installing ceramic floors made by Daltile can also provide a healthy living space. Everything in the interior of your home, from floors, walls,carpets and room décor, etc., will have an effect on the quality of air inside your house.

The good thing about Daltile’s ceramic floors is that they’re made with eco-friendly, naturally-occurring materials. They won’t emit nasty VOCs (volatile organic compounds) other floor coverings may.

11. No More Mold

Say goodbye to mold and mildew as Daltile floors are specially made to be inhospitable for bacteria growth.

It’s time to fancy up your living space with the evergreen Daltile floors. If you are ready to shop, check out our inventory here!