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2018 Tile Trends

Tile adds tremendous beauty and glamour to any space. It has the potential to transform kitchens and bathrooms (or any room, for that matter,) in your house. Here are some of the top trends in 2018.

1.    Grout for Contrast

Subway tiles have been in style for quite some time. But with 2018, subway tiles are about to get a makeover. The key word is contrast. And what better way to contrast white tile than with black grout? Black grout with plain white subway tile is a way to add a boldness element to your kitchen or bathroom.

2.    Glazed Terracotta

Did you know that there are many rich colors and tones that you can find in stylish glazed terracotta tiles? No longer is subway-tile the reigning champion of the tile world. Among the many contenders, glazed terracotta tile is a promising one.

A specific glazed-terracotta-style tile called Moroccan zellige, is making waves in the tile world in 2018. It’s available in shapes that offer that same classic feel with a touch of glazed class. Any home space will feel high class with the glossy finish and texture subtleties of this glazed terracotta.

3.    Small Scale Blue Tile

There was a time when blue tiles were all the rage. But they are making a comeback with much-needed changes. With variations such as turquoise and azure resurfacing, blue will be the hue of choice.

It’s not just about the color this year. The design elements that will be added to bathroom tiling will make all the difference. It’s meant to achieve a balance and perfectly juxtaposed arrangement of the old and the new. A possibility is a Moroccan-style design pattern of vibrant, small scale blue tiles, with a hint of contrasting elements.

4.    Dark Tile and Grout

Some tile designers believe that bold statements will become the norm in the tile world in 2018.

What’s more bold than black? Not much. That’s why a black tile with similar black grout is a fine choice. It provides a sleek and modern look for your bathroom floor, fireplace exterior and kitchen. It also has the added benefit of less frequent grout cleaning.

These are just 4 of the tile trends of 2018. If you would like to know if these will work for your home remodeling project, contact us at Absolute Flooring.