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Are Quartz Countertops the Best Choice for You?

Choosing a countertops can be a difficult task when planning a home remodel. The wide array of options only confuses us more. But quartz (solid surface) is a good option.

When visiting luxury hotels, shops and restaurants, there are high chances that the material used on their countertops is quartz, even though it may look like an exotic type of marble to you. Due to advancements in technology, manufacturers were able to produce solid surfaces using more than 90 percent quartz. This introduced a variety of styles and textures, leveraging the advanced fabrication techniques. Quartz started to catch the eye of homeowners and interior designers.

If you were thinking about granite or marble for your counter tops, you should also add quartz to the list. In fact, place it on the top. Why so? Here are some of the good reasons for installing quartz at your home.

1. Style

It was only a few years ago that granite and marble were considered the most preferred material for countertops as well as floors. Quartz is however, the most preferred material for counter tops and floors in all new homes in America.

2. Durability

Quartz is more durable than granite. A quartz slab specifically designed for kitchen countertops is a lot harder and durable and has a lot less chance of the surface being scratched or cracked.

3. Broad Range of Colors and Looks

Due to improved engineering in the fabrication of quartz, the interior designers have a choice of slabs and tiles to match with their vision. In addition, quartz can be edged or cut into any shape or manner as desired.

4. Reasonable Cost

Quartz was believed to be one of the most expensive materials about 3 decades ago, due to only a small number of fabricators manufacturing the material. Now, quartz is competing with granite in terms of demand amongst homeowners in America. This has resulted in prices of the material dropping.

5. Ease of Maintenance

When you choose quartz as a material for your kitchen countertops, you can choose from designs that look like granite, soapstone or even onyx, only with an added comfort of not having to worry about resealing. Moreover, you only require general cleaning and an occasional polish especially formulated for quartz.