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Bathroom Tile Ideas 101 for Beginners

Let’s admit it – the best part about your bathroom renovation is when you get to choose the bathroom design, wall color, arrangement, and the most important of all: titles!

Different tile colors, design and style, you can change the entire mood of your bathroom. Quality tile design can transform your boring old bathroom into a refreshingly modern paradise!

Here we share the best bathroom tile ideas to allow you to seek inspiration for your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Tile Ideas with Classic Grays and White

bathroom tile ideas

Homeowners with a minimalist lifestyle would prefer this modern tile scheme.  White tile walls and dark gray porcelain wall and floor tiles. In order to allow these classic-hued tiles to stand out, ensure the fixtures and accessories are simple and minimal.

A matching glass wall shower, white sink basin, and black countertop are essential to complement the sheer white tiled wall. Indeed, it is one of the most sophisticated yet stylish bathroom tile ideas ever.

Intricate and Detailed Bathroom Tile Ideas

For a detailed and embellished bathroom look, accent and border tiles are the idealistic options. To let the beauty of these tiles truly shine through, a homeowner must use these tiles with balanced pizzazz.  We are going for the sweet spot between over the top and just detailed enough to paint a beautiful picture in your bathroom.

In addition to fixing these tiles on your wall, a sequence of these tiles can be used on a bathtub, which will instantly elevate the style. An addition of diamond-shaped or hexagonal-patterned accent tiles can give a nice detail of your overall bathroom wall tiles.

Harlequin-Based Look Bathroom Tile Ideas

One of the liveliest bathroom tile designs includes harlequin tiles. And if you have a soft corner for harlequin tiles, don’t hesitate to feature them on your bathroom walls.

Above the bathroom sink, you can have black and white tiles. However, the shade of the sink should be strikingly black to go well with the tiles. Keep the rest of the bathroom simple with shiny white walls.

Simplicity at its Best

For all those who do not prefer extravagance, you can go for large-format bathroom wall tiles. These tiles are able to cover larger areas and help make smaller space appear bigger.

To add an exciting twist to the bathroom tile design, add glass mosaic accents to your bathroom. They are an easy way to add a touch of color, luminosity, and shape to a space. This is one of the bathroom tile designs that are easy to materialize by any homeowner.

Go Bold in Your Bathroom!

This is not for faint-hearted ones!

There are so many ways to make your bathroom appear happening with the help of tiles. For example, homeowners can give their shower a statement wall by choosing a bright-hued wall such as green or pink. The exciting bathroom tile ideas also include funky textured tiles such as floral tiles.

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