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Beautify your Home: Choosing and Taking Care of Interceramic Tile

With numerous other products to give your home a makeover with, Absolute Flooring and Interiors takes pride in introducing its amazing Interceramic tile to you.

This tile certainly gives your home an aesthetic appeal. A wide range of these tiles is available. They are used for different purposes in homes.

Let’s have a closer look at its types.

Variety of Interceramic Tile

Following are nine prominent types of Interceramic tile available at Absolute Flooring and Interiors, with their uses and shades respectively.

  • Alma Natura
  • Floor, walls, trim, and decorative
  • Avorio, Sabbia, Tobacco, Grigio, Caffe, Rame
  • Amalfi Stone
  • Floor, walls, decorative, and technical data
  • Bianco Scala, Crème Vasari, Noce Domenico
  • Aquarelle
  • Floor, walls, wall decorative, and trim
  • Shadow Grey, Naples Ivory
  • Arizona
  • Floor, floor decorative, trim, and technical data
  • Beige, Golden, Copper
  • Basole
  • Floor, decorative, trim, and technical data
  • Beige, Girgio, Bruno
  • Brick
  • Wall and trim
  • Matte White, Matte Smoke, Matte Cocoa, Matte Sweet Wood
  • Bruselas
  • Floor, wall, wall decorative, and trim
  • Bone, Noce, Gold, Marron
  • Burano
  • Floor, decorative, trim, and technical data
  • Bianco Valetta, Sabbia Mezzo, Grigio Belfiore, Noce Trento
  • Cellar
  • Wall, trim, and technical data
  • Salt, Dairy, Root

Keeping your Interceramic Tile Well

Tiles are the best covering your floors and walls can have. What makes it best is easy cleaning and water resilience. Your walls, countertops, and floor made of tiles will give you and your home years of lasting satisfaction and beauty if the tile is taken care of in the proper manner.

Preventing Tile Damage

  • Use of sealer for grout joints is essential right after tile installation and so is the use of right cleaning products for grout joints. The products must be well-suited to the tile you have used.
  • Any products that you buy for cleaning or sealing purposes must be checked on a small area before applying them all over the space.
  • You should rinse the area thoroughly after using any products. This removes probable residues and saves your tile from getting damaged.
  • Any broken or damaged tile should be replaced by qualified contractors such as Absolute Flooring and Interiors.
  • Use good quality floor mats and protective pads to be kept under heavy furniture that is placed on your tile floor.

    Also, place foot mats on entrances and exits so that corrosive substances don’t get over the tile. These substances include possible dirt, sand, oil etc that your shoes may be engrossed with.

What Should Not be Used on Interceramic Tile

  • Wax-based and/or oil-based cleaners should be avoided.
  • Sealants should be used on grout joints only.
  • No acid or bleach should be used on tile floors.
  • Solid cleaning tools that contain metal (steel) such as steel wool should not be used for cleaning.


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