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Best Tiles for Bathroom Walls and Floors

In today’s age, it is hard to fathom a bathroom without tiles. Needless to say, tiles are an essential element of a bathroom. They play a crucial role in giving a distinct look and feel to your bathroom. Whether you want a warm and welcoming aura or a relaxed and natural atmosphere, wall tiles of different kinds can help you achieve your desired look.

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But with a wide array of wall tiles available on the market, it is tough to choose “the perfect one”. To make the decision easier for you, we have made a list of the best tiles for bathrooms.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Denser and harder than ceramic, porcelain bathroom tiles are a modern bathroom flooring choice for homeowners. These versatile tiles come in multiple shades, shapes, patterns, and sizes.

The four popular types of porcelain bathroom tiles include the dry-pigmented unglazed porcelain tiles, glossy glazed porcelain tiles, ultra-cool digitally printed porcelain tiles, and unique color bodied porcelain tiles. Their notable features such as, water-resistance and radiant in-floor heat, make the bathroom tiles worth the investment.  

Natural Stones

In the past, natural stones were primarily used as a significant building material due to its strength and durability. Today, these remarkable stones are employed for the very same reason and also used for designing contemporary bathrooms. Hence, with time, natural stones have become one of the best tiles for bathrooms.

Natural stones make for an ideal option for bathroom floors, countertops, and walls. These stones have a classic appeal and provide the loveliest sanctuary space to the user.

For a flawless state, the modern sealers ensure alleviating the stone’s sensitivity towards water damage and stains.

All-White Marbles

For a classic bathroom look, homeowners often go for the all-white marble wall and floor tiles. An all-white texture makes the bathroom appear neat, sparkly, and ultra-sophisticated.

To give a fun twist, homeowners can pair different kinds of white tiles together for a versatile appearance. For instance, a glossy white tile can be paired with white Venation marbles. It can also be coupled with a white Carrara hexagon mosaic. This creative take gives the bathroom a character and an unparalleled depth.


Among the best tiles for bathrooms, glass tiles happen to reign supreme. Their unmatched luminosity and elegance make them the number one choice for people looking for the best tiles for bathroom floors and walls. The lauded properties that make glass tiles a popular choice are – durability, long-lasting, strong, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean.

The glass tiles never lose their shine since they aren’t highly porous. Even if any form of debris appears on the tile, it can be easily cleaned away with a few wet wipes.

Metallic Tiles

The list of the best tiles for bathroom floor and wall is incomplete without the mention of metallic tiles. They are available in an array of attractive finishes such as copper, bronze, and stainless steel.  

Try using different metallic tiles for different details. For example, for holding shower accessories/supplies use copper tiles.  And for bathroom floors and walls, stainless steel tiles are your best bet.