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Buying Crossville Tiles

Crossville tiles are renowned as porcelain tiles that are extremely high quality. Considered to be a variation of a ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are a welcome addition to most homes, helping to add a nice finish and aura that you cannot get from a ceramic tile.

While it is a superior product as compared to ceramic tiles, Crossville tiles do come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re wondering about buying them, the following are what you should pay attention to.


When it comes to advantages, Crossville tiles have the following advantages to offer:

High durability

Porcelain is a highly durable material and can put up with a lot of wear and tear with ease. As compared to ceramic, they do not lose their color, nor do they get damaged very easily. In many cases, this can make it extremely useful to get installed in your home since they can also last, in perfectly good condition for many years.

High Temperature

High temperatures can be a problem for certain materials but porcelain does not have a problem with it. They are virtually fire proof and can tolerate heat at very high temperatures without losing their color or suffering from any damage. Food related spills are also not going to be problematic since those can damage it too.

Resistant to Stains

Various materials are prone to developing stains over time. While porcelain does have a large life span, it is not prone to developing stains from exposure to various substances. Any form of liquid or solid that has spilled on it can be easily cleaned away and leave the surface as spotless as it originally was.

Very Low Maintenance

Clean up and maintenance of Crossville tiles is extremely easy and doesn’t require the use of special substances or cleaners. Moreover, they do not have to be treated to expand their life span since these are already rather durable tiles.