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Facts about the Top Tile Brands Offered by Absolute Flooring in Santa Fe

For people who take the interior design of their house seriously, it’s nothing short of a challenge to really decide which tiled flooring is the best option for them. With such a large variety to choose from, many interior designing companies try to keep up with the never-ending demands of their customers by including as many brands and options as possible.

One such company is Absolute Flooring in Santa Fe – they guarantee that the needs and requirements of their customers are their top priority. Their pledge to prioritize customer satisfaction is clearly visible in the tile brands that are offered in their store and their quick response to customers. Read on to find out facts about the top tile brands offered by Absolute Flooring in Santa Fe.

Top Tile Brands Offered by Absolute Flooring

As aforementioned, there are tons of tile brands offered at Absolute Flooring and each brand has their own list of benefits. The top 3 tile brands are as follows:

Glazzio Tiles

One of the most renowned tile brands, Glazzio tiles are highly reputed for their high-end tiles and the sophisticated end result that can be incorporated into absolutely any room in the house. Although Glazzio tiles are a bit expensive in comparison to other tile brands, the durability that these tiles offer is distinctive and highly innovative.

The main reason behind the growing popularity of Glazzio tiles is the futuristic appeal that it gives to absolutely any room’s floor or wall within the house. Whether you want a more innovative looking kitchen or you want to primp up your pool area, Glazzio tiles offer styles that can be considered to be one of the best in the market at current.

Crossville Tiles

Established in 1986, Crossville is a highly reputable and leading manufacturer devoted to advancing the frontiers of tile designs. Not to mention that the highly regarded tile brand also happens to be the first porcelain tile manufacturer in America who takes recycling even more seriously than producing. A company that gives back to society and mother nature, Crossville Tiles’ range of products is truly impressive and enough to grasp anyone’s heart. In Absolute Flooring’s own words:

“From introducing the nation’s first large-format porcelain tiles, to becoming the first and only net consumer of tile waste materials (meaning we recycle even more than we produce), to developing cutting-edge performance innovations that turn mere surfaces into “breathing” living environments—Crossville Tile is committed to pioneering products and practices to change the way the world views tile.”

Marazzi Tile

Another notable tile brand, the Marazzi Tile is one that is most sought after in and around the Santa Fe region. Their wide variety of tile styles is enough to cater to the needs of any homeowner or business owner. Whether you’re in search of something that’s more cutting edge or you just want something that adds a serene yet innovative touch to your humble abode, the range of tile offered by Marazzi is certainly worth considering.