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Facts Everyone Should Know About Glazzio Tiles

Glazzio Tiles are a celebrated name in the tiles industry. Featuring an extensive portfolio of glass tiles, the company is known for its durable and unconventional tile design. It is the vibrancy and depth of the tiles that gives the glass a dramatic effect using its reflective properties at best.

Fit to decorate both interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial buildings this article will look at some facts about the company in detail.

  1. Application

To start of the list of why so many homeowners rely on the expertise of Glazzio tiles and the impressive range available, their application is what makes them stand out from others. Even though they are glass tiles, they are ideal to be set in places like:

  • Showers

  • kitchen walls

  • Bathrooms

  • Garden walls

  • External building entryways

  • Waterfalls,

  • pool sides

  • Spas Etc.

  1. Low Maintenance

Boasting the durability of ceramic tiles with the reflective properties of glass, the tiles offered by Glazzio tiles stand the test of time. Their lustrous appearance and finishing allow easy cleaning when placed on kitchen countertops. Spills are easier to clean and since the tiles don’t allow grout or mold to set in, they don’t discolor over time. Their firmness allows for less wear and tear which also makes them a great choice for outdoor spaces like poolside’s and patios. All spills can easily be cleaned with water and vinegar solution

  1. The Ease of Customization

Thanks to Glazzio tile, homeowners can now get customized tiles that match their theme and budget. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to catering all their customers with the best, even when some items are out of stock. They will gladly restock the item for you so that you can design your dream home accordingly.

  1. A Variety of Designs

Being a top tiles retailer in the industry, the company aims to offer every client with exactly what they need. With an impressive portfolio that houses hundreds of tiles to choose from, Glazzio Tiles wish to facilitate all their customers at their best. The wide array of textures, colors, and designs to pick from, makes it easier for customers on a tight budget.

  1. Prevent Accidents of Slips and Trips

It isn’t a hidden fact that most household injuries are caused by slips and trips. Even a minor fracture or strain in the knee can result in time off from work. But what if these accidental slips and trips can be prevented with the right type of flooring? Wouldn’t you want to opt for it? Glazzio tiles offer the most suitable option in this case with their wide range of glass and ceramic tiles. They are easy to clean and absorb most of the moisture on the floor, preventing trips and falls due to wet flooring.

  1. Easy Installation

Last, one simply can’t ignore the fact that the tiles offered by Glazzio Tiles are easy to install and can take less than 24 hours to cover a small area. The foundation of the tiles has been designed to bear hammering to a certain extent, which means they can be installed without any damage to their structure. Furthermore, since the tiles are moisture-absorbent, they are ideal to be installed in places like the kitchen and washroom which experience most spills and wetness.