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Which Floor Tiles Can Be Used in my Living Room?

When it comes to tile flooring options, the choices are endless. There is a wide range of materials, shades, designs, and textures to take your pick. But unfortunately, not all types of floor tiles are appropriate for your house or, to be specific, your living room.

Here we have assembled some of the best living room floor tiles for you:

tiles for living rooms

Ceramic Tiles

Suggested by experts, one of the best types of floor tiles for living rooms are ceramic tiles. The advantages of ceramic tiles are many, and all of them contribute to the overall maintenance of your living space.

For instance, spilling a drink or chips on ceramic tile isn’t really an issue as the ceramic-tiled floor would hardly show any wear or tear sign afterward. Hence, these tiles are durable and easy to maintain. Plus, they are super cost-effective!

If you happen to be a low-maintenance person, the ideal investment choice for you would be ceramic tiles. The only requirement would be to regularly sweep or mop the ceramic floor to get rid of dirt and debris.

Porcelain Tiles

Another great type of tiles for living rooms includes porcelain tiles. They are much like ceramic tiles, except they are more durable and are harder comparatively. Owing to their hard surface, porcelain tiles maintain their originality for a long period of time. Since they are stain resistant, there is no need for being too keen on their maintenance level.  

Whether you purchase ceramic or porcelain for your living room floor tiles, make sure you have chosen a distinctive style. Some of the best tile design ideas are mentioned below:

Floral Tiles

Your living room is the place where you and your family members hang around the most. So why not make it appear lovely in the truest sense? To achieve this, opt for brightly colored floral tiles in glazed porcelain material. Installing these tiles will give an instant welcoming feeling to everybody in the room.

Aged Tiles

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean worn-out tiles at all. We are going more for the rusty and homey tiles in nature. Giving a mysterious touch to your living room. Look for these best types of floor tiles in ceramic material for durability.

Victorian Tiles

Transport yourself to the 19th century by having ever-so-versatile Victorian tiles. In this modern age, these conservative tiles will give a completely distinctive look to your living room.

Stone-Like Tiles

Did you know, some porcelain tiles appear as stones? These tiles give the most natural and earthy appearance to the living room.

Although there are natural stone tiles available on the market, experts recommend passing on the natural stones as tiles and sticking with the more durable stone-line tiles.

Other tile flooring options for you are – colorful hexagon shaped tiles, patchwork tiles, vintage tiles etc.

Whatever your flavor of choice is, there’s an abundance of tile design schemes you can follow, and for all different types of rooms.  We lay some bathroom tile design ideas out for you here!

Happy tile designing!