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Top Products Offered By CrossVille

They say, “First impression is the last impression.” Have you ever wondered what guests think about your house when you invite them over for parties? After noticing the décor, they ooh and aah over the hardwood floors or the marble tiles… but wait, do you have those? Frankly, hardwood floors and marble tiles have become outdated. You can now find them in every house because they come with the standard installation.

CrossVille suggests something completely different and unique that will change your house and by that we mean, make it absolutely stunning. CrossVille is an American manufacturer that is known for offering beautiful solutions of tile design. That said, we bring you our top two picks from our three tile material categories.

Porcelain Tiles

The revolution of ceramic bought us porcelain stone and now, this tile is becoming a global market trend. Porcelain offers versatile and modern characteristics, which are achieved by its polishing process and glazing techniques. With a Standard ISO 13006 (Bla), it has an absorption rate of 0.5%. Compared to other tile materials, it is resistant to rupture load and bending, deep abrasion, thermal shock, scratches, freezing, chemical attach and friction. Following are the top two designs in porcelain tiles offered by CrossVille:

1.     Altered State

The reason why “Altered State” is our top pick is that it offers a classic, aged look, which blends well with every décor. The tiles mimic the style of aged steel that gives a metallurgic look. In short, it gives a priceless look that will surely wow your guests.

2.     Color Blox Mosaics

Need something different to decorate your kid’s room? Inspired by childhood memories, we bring you Color Blox Mosaics that make for a fun décor.

Natural Stone

Natural stone refers to any mountain-born mineral. The types of stone tiles that come under this are limestone, marble, sandstone, granite, slate, and travertine. Each offers something different and it’s important to understand what features they offer before installing them in your house. Following is our one and only pick in natural stone:

1.     Yin + Yang

The Yin + Yang design creates a distinctive harmony through shape, shade, and size. It’s a combination that’s classic yet bold and offers sharp corners and contours that make the design stand out.


Ready for the royal treatment? When pieces of glass are hit with a translucent glaze from the back, a beauty is created that has immense strength… such is the power of glass tiles. Following are the top two designs in glass tiles:

1.     Groove Glass

The groove glass design offers a design of tones and tunes and speaks for itself. Offering a bold choice of vivid colors, we talk in tunes and have several designs mimicking the Rumba, Conga, Disco and many more.

2.     Brilliant Glass

A simple yet elegant design, the brilliant Glass is great for both indoor and outdoor applications. A subtle splash of color here and there and you will have a wall of artwork.

There is more from where that came and we promise that each design offers something unique. So, visit our products page and browse our designs to find the one that matches your personality.