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Top Reasons to Use Tiles Instead of Carpets for Flooring

Are you having a hard time deciding what flooring you should choose for your house?

We know why coming to a decision is difficult when it comes to house flooring. With the variety of available options and the debate that has been going on since forever —  over the pros and cons of each type of flooring — it is indeed a tough decision to make.

Depending on their preferences, some people choose durability while others opt for beauty. There are also people who want both.

Are you one of those perfectionists who does not want to compromise on anything and want a flooring option that offers everything?

Don’t worry; we know what that perfect option is. No, it is not Carpet, it is TILES!

Why Not Carpet?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know why carpets are considered the worst flooring for homes. From the toxic synthetic materials that are used to make carpets to the health and hygiene issues they can cause, there are numerous reasons people are readily getting rid of carpeted floors.

Also, contrary to the popular belief, maintenance of carpets is quite difficult. They may appear clean and tidy after daily vacuuming, but this is not the reality. Carpets attract dust and dirt that penetrate into their inner layers where you cannot see it. Also, regular vacuums cannot remove the dust that’s lurking in the inner layers of a carpet.

The dust and dirt when combine with moisture (spills are common in every household) provide an ideal breeding ground for numerous kinds of bacteria. While this poses serious health issues for everyone, children and elderly people are especially at higher risk.

These are only a few of the reasons to not choose carpets for your house’s flooring.

Why Choose Tiles?

Since now you know why carpets are not the correct flooring option for your home, you would certainly want to know what makes TILES the right choice.

Here you go:

·         Nothing Can Beat the Durability of Tile Flooring

When it comes to durability, tile flooring ranks at the top. While it may cost you a little more than carpet or hardwood floorings, it will last a lifetime.

·         Low Maintenance

Unlike other flooring options that require rigorous and professional cleaning, tiles are easier to clean. Most types of tiles are easily cleaned with just warm water, which means you not only save money that you otherwise spend in buying cleaning products and hiring professional cleaners, but will also save a lot of time.

·         Tile Flooring Improves Indoor Air Quality and Is Hypoallergenic

With people becoming increasingly concerned about health and hygiene, indoor air quality has become a hot topic. As mentioned above, carpet can hold a lot of dust, dirt, and bacteria within its layers that negatively affect the indoor air quality. The release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air is also a major problem with different types of flooring options.

Tiles are the only flooring options that do not pose health risks due to the release of VOCs because they do not contain any volatile organic compounds. Also, tiles do not provide the conditions required for the growth of bacteria, germs, dust mites or mold, which means there is no risk of developing allergies.

So, now when you are convinced that tile flooring is the right choice for your home, contact Absolute Flooring and Interiors today to get the best offer and service.