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Why is Wood-Look Tile All the Rage?

If you are someone who loves having a wood floor but is aware of its limitations, there’s an alternative. The introduction of wood-look tiles are a favorite, making it a trendsetter.

It satisfies the craving of many homeowners who yearn to have hardwood floors in places like bathrooms where water is a concern. These are extremely durable, scratch resistant, and moisture resistant which makes them even a great choice for rooms with high traffic.

Manufacturers have started making these tiles in rectangles so that they resemble a plank size and sometimes it is difficult to even differentiate between the two.

These tiles have also been a popular choice among companies and retail shops who want the look of their interior to be more aesthetically pleasing and organic.

These tiles are available in different varieties, too:

Wood Look Porcelain Tile

These are one of the most durable tiles and are most commonly used in residential settings that make the area where they are used, more comfortable. These tiles are also a popular choice in bathrooms as they stand-out visually and resist moisture.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

One of the alternatives to conventional wood flooring that has increased in popularity in the past few years are the luxury vinyl tiles.  Its printed layers display wood patterns that are also covered by a protective wear layer or even sometimes with a textured wear layer that carries a close resemblance with real wood.

Other benefits of is that they are much quieter than laminate and  are comfortable to stand on for hours at a time.