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How to Incorporate Natural Stone in your Bathroom

Natural Stone - Earthy Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best places in the home for natural stone. The bathroom, after all, is where a person is often in their most natural state, so the elements of stone, wood and water — sometimes even fire — are appropriate. At the same time, stone is elegant and even luxurious. Here are some ways to use natural stone to make the bathroom beautiful and comfortable.

Types of Natural Stone

There’s a good variety of stone that is just right for the bathroom. They include:


Granite is an igneous stone that comes in many colors and patterns, including the familiar salt and pepper.


Marble is a soft, metamorphic stone that also comes in a wide range of colors. It is famous for its veins and clouds. White marble seems to refract light.


Limestone is a precursor of marble. It is so porous that it has a pitted texture that some homeowners prize, but it needs to be sealed. It comes in light colors and is soft like marble.


Slate is another metamorphic stone that is famous for its ability to split into thin layers. It is often gray but can come in shades of green or red.


This stone gets its name from its soapy texture. It is a very soft stone, but unlike other types of stone, it doesn’t need to be sealed. Despite its softness, soapstone is remarkably tough and resists stains, etching and burns.

Using Natural Stone in the Bathroom

Stone Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks sit right on top of the vanity, much like a bowl. Like regular bowls, they can be made out of many materials, including natural stone. The thing to remember when considering a vessel sink is that they are usually served by wall mounted faucets. These are best installed by a professional plumber.

Stone Tiles

Stone bathroom tiles can be used on the floors or on the walls of the bathroom, but one should not be substituted for the other. Stone floor tiles are tougher and heavier than tiles used on the walls, and wall tiles on the floor would quickly crack from even light traffic. Also, stone floor tiles need to be etched because smooth stone is slippery.

Some homeowners use stone bathroom tiles all over their bathroom while others use it to accent certain parts of the room. A bathroom can have a backsplash made out of stone or tiles on just one wall of the shower. It can have tiles on the shower floor with a band of similar tile near the top of one wall. Stone bathroom tiles also go well with materials such as wood, porcelain and metal, whether they be highly polished chrome plate or oil rubbed bronze.

Vanity Tops

Some homeowners have vanity tops made from a slab of stone with a hole in it to accommodate the sink. Because most vanity tops aren’t very large, the homeowner can really splurge on stone that is not only beautiful but rare, such as onyx.

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