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Top Products Offered By Shaw Floors

Choosing a floor material for your house can be very tricky. You have to think about which room receives the most foot traffic and how often your kids spill food and drinks on the floor or when you are the clumsy one. In fact, your entire decision should be based on these three points. Yes, it is important to think about aesthetics but a little mar on the surface can ruin the entire floor’s look.

To help you decide which floor material is best for your house, Shaw Floors brings you its top picks. Voted as #1 for its flooring material quality and maintaining a position of delivering exceptional products for the past forty years, the company now offers a product that has the stamp of Shaw innovation, which is beyond comparison.

Following are our top picks amongst carpets, vinyl and plank flooring, and hardwood collection:

Life Guard Carpets

“The Cleanest Carpet for Healthy Living”

Have you ever heard of a carpet that offers complete clean-up protection from spills and splatters? Well, the Life Guard Carpets are waterproof, as well as full proof from life’s little messes. The R2X system helps prevent stains from setting in, which is what makes this carpet so special. Made from the highest quality fiber, the carpet offers beauty, comfort, and protection together. Following are our few popular designs:

·        Defined Beauty

Defined Beauty offers an octagonal design where the shapes overlap each other and form small hexagons. It’s a loop connected to other loops, offering a modern-day design.


·        Fierce & Bold

Fierce & Bold offers a carefree and laidback design, which is great for guest bedrooms. The design offers shaky lines drawn vertically, which are crossed by small vertical lines.


Want the wood floor look, without spending hours on the maintenance? Then, go for the Floorté planks. Made by high-definition printing, the plank has a hardwood look that is strong, flexible and durable. Moreover, it’s waterproof. This makes this floor material ideal for mudrooms and basements. Following are our few popular designs:

·        Largo Mix Plus

One of our top colors in Floorté is Campania Jatob. A beautiful mixture of browns with a slightly burned shade gives this plank a timeless look.

·        Largo Plank

The Largo Plank is the standard design that will look great in the living room. It’s got that classic look that makes your house truly a home.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring gives your house a luxurious look that screams opulence. We have patented a design for our hardwood collection that gives visually cool colors and high thickness, which makes the planks durable. Following are our few popular designs:

·        Fairbanks Maple 5

The Fairbanks Maple 5 offers a simple shaded look that has no symmetry but a powerful color design. This floor would look great in your kitchen.

·        Family Affair 70

The Family Affair 70 offers a glossy look in bright colors. This is also one of our classic designs… great for dining rooms.

Tiles and Stones

This category offers breathtaking patterns and colors that will have you watching your every step. Our tiles and stones collection makes for great outdoor and indoor flooring. Following are our few popular designs:

·        Oasis

Offering a burned Charcoal, these rectangular tiles are a great choice for your man cave. Give the room an edgy look with this design and feel like a king.

·        Glee Chevron

Glee Chevron is one of our brightest designs offered in nude colors. The arrow style and subtle shades will blend truly well with your kitchen décor.

Visit our products page to browse other designs to find out which matches your personality and your house the best.