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Top Window Coverings Offered By Hunter Douglas

They say, “Love thy neighbor” but what if that neighbor is too nosey and likes to poke their eyes and ears into everyone’s business? Yeah, we would be mad too. We understand… how are you supposed to do the crazy dance on your small accomplishments when Mrs. Martha is boring holes into you from across the street! Are you ready to take some action? We are not talking about stomping her precious rose beds, although that would be satisfying, we are talking about some window privacy.

We know what you are thinking… gaudy shades and oversized drapes that will block the beautiful sunlight in the morning and the evening breeze. No, we are talking about elegant, energy efficient and light control shades that will not only stop the peeping neighbors but also enhance your room’s décor.

Hunter Douglas prides itself on being the world’s leading window coverings manufacturer that also provides architectural products. What sets them apart is their ability to introduce innovative and high-quality products that are now in demand all over the world.

Here are the top pics of window shadings that Hunter Douglas offers:

1.     Silhouette

The leader in our light diffusion category, Silhouette Shadings are created with a special fabric that changes the sun’s harsh light into beautiful mellow lighting. The shades have no tapes or cords and its sheer facings offer you a clear outside view while maintaining your privacy. This S-shaped shading filter’s 88% of the UV rays and when closed, prevents the light from entering the room.

2.     Pirouette

Don’t want traditional fabric as your window shadings? Well then, why not try the Pirouette Shadings? The soft countered fabric of the shadings opens magically through the Invisi-Lift™ system and has a sheer backing. The vanes can be either flattened complete for privacy or open to let the light shine in. With the vanes open, it blocks 81% of the UV rays and when closed, it blocks 99% of the UV rays.

3.     Luminette

Luminette combines rotating vines and a sheer fabric that provides drapery panels, for sliding doors and large vertical windows. When the vanes are open, the fabric diffuses the light and illuminates the room with a soft light. These drapes can be used anywhere in the house but offer the most benefits in the living room by protecting your furniture from UV damage.

4.     Duette Honeycomb Shades

The Duette Honeycomb Shades offer a unique design that not only provides beauty but also energy efficiency in both the warm and cold climates. The drape’s honeycomb construction has small pockets that trap air, which creates insulation. This lowers energy bills and consumption.

5.     Vignette Modern Roman Shades

The soft folds of this Roman Shade offer a crisp and clean look that has hidden cords for child safety. Available in various room-darkening fabrics, the shades maintain a wrinkle-free appearance and offer durability. The shades can be rolled up all the way to the headrail. Moreover, the Vignette also has a layer of insulation that offers sound absorption and enhanced energy efficiency.

So, there you go… some of our best window shadings that not only offer beauty but various other energy-saving features, which makes them so popular all over the world.