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Window Treatments – Choosing the Perfect Window Covers

Whether it is your existing house or you’re constructing a new one, windows are and should be an integral part of the plan.

No matter how well you build or renovate your home, you will not be able to give it a finished touch unless the windows are well put.

When looking for window treatment options, you will feel like you have fallen into a rabbit hole because of the numerous choices of colors, designs, and materials of window covers available in the market.

Selection of window coverings that are well-suited to your interiors brings out the best in your home. In fact, getting your windows treated is the only renovation your house needs sometimes.

Wondering what are the best window cover products available and where to get them? Let’s find out!

Window Treatment Products

Blynco Fashion Windows is a popular name when it comes to getting window products.

Products from Blynco should only be bought from trusted sellers such as Absolute Flooring and Interiors so as to be sure of the quality. Below are some of the best products available at Absolute.

Cellular Shades

If you want an energy-efficient window treatment, cellular shades are for you. Cellular shades are mounted as close to the glass as possible with the edges of the shade adhered to the walls on the sides to create a sealed air space.

Two or three cell cellular shades from Blynco are available at Absolute with built-in dead air spaces that ultimately increase their insulating value.

Roller and Solar Shades

Similar to cellular shades, solar roller shades are energy-efficient, but with an added capability of reducing glare produced by the sun. A solar shade reduces room temperatures, blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays, and filters out and disperses light to create a good ambiance.

These shades come in a number of colors and textures to match your interiors.

Natural Woven Wood Shades

Also known as Bamboo shades, woven wood shades do not only save you from too much sunlight but add a contemporary touch to your home.

Composed of jute, bamboo reeds, and other wood, and/or grasses, these folds also come in several colors of natural wood. Blynco’s natural wood window covers come in different fold types and valance and lining options.  And above all, they are eco-friendly.

Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are made of actual wood planks, but faux wood blinds are basically made of a false wood material such as PVC/Vinyl or have composite wood material mixed in.

Faux wood blinds have wood slats with a wood hub that is immersed in composite (high tech polymer) OR the planks are entirely made of Vinyl or PVC. Real wood blinds, however, are entirely made of real wood.

Wood and faux blinds give your home a strikingly gorgeous touch by creating a natural aura.

Sliding Panels

Sliding panel blinds are the ideal solutions for covering oversized windows. Large fabric panels slide back and forth on a railing track for easy movement. These blinds are mounted to the walls or ceiling and when in open position, they let the window be clear and transparent giving you a clear view of the outdoors.

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