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Hardwood Floor Layout and Finish Trends of 2018

Trends of hardwood floors in 2018 are far from boring and are likely to stay fashionable for the next few years. There are many competitors that are coming at par with hardwood with advances in technology that are truly amazing and innovative. Some of these advances include laminate, vinyl and tile, of all things.

Wood flooring is still popular, although there are a lot of wood look-alike options that have come in that are worth considering. There is always going to be a demand for hardwoods, but that demand may lessen.

If hardwood flooring manufacturers want to maintain their share in the flooring industry, they will have to stay competitive. And they are! With that, we will take a look at some of the hardwood floor trends of this year.

1.    Herringbone

Although it is quite similar to Chevron, Herringbone wood floors are distinctive in own way. Chevron are a bit more expensive to install and manufacture as the planks used themselves are angled and joined together to give that saw-toothed look.

The herringbone wood floors are less expensive and achieve a similar look to Chevron as they are straight single planked arranged at right angles in a way that mimic the Chevron look. These have become a popular, cost effective alternative to Chevron and are one of the trending designs for hardwood floors in 2018.

2.    Wide Plank

The wide plank wood floor trend has been in existence for quite some time and it seems like one variation or another pops up of it each year.  In 2018, the keyword for it is “light tone.” That’s right, you can get that large, open and free space feeing with ample room in a lighter wood finish.

In the future, smaller planks may even be considered a negative as far as the perceived value of the home is concerned. This is when wide planks will shine. A bigger, more spacious abode will almost always be favorable compared to a room that looks small and cramped.

You still need a bit of juxtaposed brilliance and covering your whole floor with just one plank of hardwood is not the way to go. But one thing is for certain, wide plank hardwood floors are not going anywhere in the future.

3.    Matte or Satin Finish

Satin finish offers something that is mid spectrum between a matte and glossy finish. You get a little bit of shine and with it you can mask dirt and imperfections in the floor. Satin floors have gained popularity among homeowners for a majority of the past decade and are likely going to be here for this year, too.

That is not to say that matte finish on hardwood floors is not desirable. It could even be the one to knock the satin finish off its pedestal.

Matte floors are not completely boring, flat and dull. They lend your house an expensive and warm look that could be considered contemporary. A high-quality floor would look mesmerizing in matte finish.

It still has a long way to go as far as popularity is concerned,  but that fact is, it is still good enough to be classified as trendy for 2018.

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