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Hardwood Flooring Companies in Santa Fe – Absolute Flooring and Interiors Is the Place to Shop

For people looking for flooring in Santa Fe, NM, the best company to work with in our expert opinion is us, Absolute Flooring and Interiors. Our primary claim to fame in Santa Fe, NM hardwood flooring is offering a wide selection of hardwoods from all corner of the globe. To that end, the best hardwood flooring provider in the USA is Regal Harwood out of the Texas. To see more Regal Hardwood product samples please come visit us at our showroom located at 1402 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe, NM.

Regal Hardwoods goes above and beyond to ensure the highest standards in the industry. Three skilled craftsmen, each with a different tool, create a unique look by authentically hand scraping each plank. 7ft nominal random length boards create a less busy effect by spacing out the joints. We use only hardwood Regal-Hardwood-Fllooring-Santa-Fe-NM-Absolute-Flooring-02cores to prevent less denting, and better control of expansion and contraction. Since Regal is the manufacturer of products, the company is able to directly set and maintain extremely high quality standards for all of its products, and by being the manufacturer; it is able to skip traditional broker / distribution fees providing substantial savings to the dealer and end user without sacrificing quality.

Regal Hardwoods Titanium ScuffGARD Offered by Absolute Flooring and Interiors

Regal Hardwoords Titanium ScuffGARD finish utilizes the latest in nano-technology to provide a rugged and durable yet transparent wear protection that resists scuffing and allows your hardwood flooring to stand up to years of use.


Requires minimal maintenance
Protected with nanotechnology
Scuff resistant

New England
Select Colors in On the 9ineRegal-Hardwood-Fllooring-Santa-Fe-NM-Absolute-Flooring-03
Walla Walla Valley
Su Vino
Olde Time Special Edition

Machine-scraped hardwood floors have a repetitive pattern creating an unauthentic look,
notoriously found in vinyl products. The repetitive pattern may not be noticeable in a small
sample, but it can be very noticeable when installed in your home. Authentic hand-scraped wood flooring bypasses that problem because each board is uniquely produced so that no two boards are the same. A wise American once said: “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin