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How to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been used for centuries, providing a classic sense of tradition and warmth to your house. While they can hold up for generations, you need to care for them just as you would for any household element. They’re subject to wear and tear as well as damage from moisture, to name just some things.

With great maintenance and protection, however, hardwood will prove its longevity by displaying beauty in your home for years.

Protect the Coating

The top coating determines the lifespan of your hardwood. Prefinished floors come with thick, shell-like coatings or they may even be sealers and stains applied later on. Coatings stand up to wear near kitchens, stair tops, inside doors, entries, living rooms and fridges, and other areas where the foot traffic is high.

Refinishing is possible for both kinds of coats. Solid hardwood needs hard re-sanding with a drum sander before it is resealed. Resealing engineered wood requires a rotary sander for 2 rounds of light sanding.

Keep Moisture Away

Hardwood should not be installed in areas where water is abundant, including bathrooms, kitchens,  laundry rooms and basements. Water may seep from the sink, overflow from the dishwasher and seep from the fridge into your hardwood floor.

If you do have water in contact with the floor, immediately use a clean cloth for mopping up the water. Do the same for spilled water or drinks. You don’t want water to seep between floorboards. You also need to make sure that your home has a shoe free policy to reduce the wear and tear.

Cleaning Guidelines

Shake out rugs outside. A soft bristled broom-brush is important to use to prevent any scratches in high foot traffic areas. An electrostatic mop is best for a once over of the same area because any dust that was left behind will be cleared right up. A weekly sweep of the rest of the floor should follow.

The beater bar in a carpet vacuum is especially damaging to the flooring. A Swiffer wet jet should be used to dampen the mop and a special hardwood cleaner should be added. Remember: no vinegar or excess water based cleaner or application, respectively, should be used.

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