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Santa Fe Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is used throughout homes in Santa Fe, NM. The old days of walking in home after home and finding Saltillo tile are mostly gone. The variety of hardwood flooring available today for homes and businesses is breathtaking. Absolute Flooring and Interiors is the premier hardwood flooring company in Santa Fe, NM. It offers a huge selection of hardwood flooring from manufacturers from across the world and in the USA. The premier manufacturer of hardwood flooring is Regal Hardwood and Absolute is one of the company’s dealers. Stop by Absolute Flooring and Interiors at 1402 Agua Fria St. Santa Fe, NM, to see the different hardwood flooring samples offered by Regal Hardwood.


To shed light on how amazing the hardwood flooring manufactured by Regal Harwoods is, the best the thing to do is to learn about the high standard levels the company sets for its products. Each piece of hardwood sold by the company is hand scraped by skilled craftsman with each using a tool different from the other two to complete the job. Different lengthy boards are used to develop product for the company that is pleasing the to eye due to joint spaces not being totally uniform. The company sticks to using core hardwood pieces to limit dings and dents and to reduce the contraction and expansion from happening as much. The advantage the company has from being a hardwood manufacturer is that it sets and keeps high standards for its hardwoods and it is able to bypass brokers and distribution costs. For consumers and hardwood dealer retailers like Absolute Flooring and Interiors this means both get to experience a huge cost saving while the consumer gets a high quality product and the company is able to sell one of the best hardwood floors available today.

To learn more about Regal Hardwoods stop by the showroom at Absolute Flooring and Interiors, located at 1402 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe, NM 87505. The company’s telephone number is 505-982-2228