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Should I Install Wood Floor for the Stairs?

When it’s time to update the flooring in your house, take a look at the structure of your stairs. If the existing treads are rough 2×4’s and if the riser or kickplate is rough plywood, you may need to replace treads to put down a beautiful wood staircase.

Wood or Carpet?

Carpeted stairs are challenging to vacuum and nearly impossible to clean with a DIY carpet cleaning machine. That being said, they do offer decent tread and can be a bit easier to walk on. If you have small children or plan to age in place and want wooden treads, be sure to use a finish that will provide some grip for those walking the stairs.

A Little Deconstruction

If the balustrade is attached to each tread, you’ll need to pull it to install the new treads and reinstall it when finished. Take care along the staircase to firmly attach the balustrade to the treads and make certain that the newel post at the bottom of the staircase is solidly in place.

Visibility Options

A dark staircase can be a hazard. You may not want to put anything reflective on your new staircase or define the edge of the step in any way, but you can still increase visibility on the staircase by painting the riser or kickplate a reflective white. It will only take a little light to make your staircase easy to manage at night if the risers are reflecting available light.

Laminate or Wood?

There are several material options for wood floors that you can apply to your staircase. If you’re looking for a material that will offer both beauty and grip, consider installing a vinyl laminate that closely matches other wood flooring in your home. These materials are extremely easy to clean and have enough texture to reduce the risk of slipping. You will likely need to add a nose cap to your stair treads to protect the edge of the laminate material. This can be used to add a bit of contrast to the edge of the stair, increase visibility to those climbing the stairs and further reduce the risk of a slip or fall.

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