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The Most Popular Varieties of Wood Flooring

Are you thinking of renovating your house and changing your flooring? There are so many types of flooring available that it is easy to get overwhelmed. You want to get something that will not only bring out the beauty of your house, but will also last a long time.

Wood flooring is not only beautiful, but can last for decades. There are so many varieties you can find something to suit your unique tastes. Here are the most popular varieties of wood flooring:


Yes, the most obvious choice is often the best one. One of the most popular types of wood flooring is oak. Millions of Americans have oak floors in their homes.

Oak is a popular choice because of its durability and affordability. Because it is hard, it is resistant to scratches and dents. There are also many colors available, ranging from light to dark. So, it gives you the option to match your floors with the interior of your house.

Cherry Wood

Another common wood flooring is cherry wood. One of the main reasons why cherry wood is so popular is because of its reddish brown color. Cherry wood is a little softer than the other types of woods, which makes it susceptible to scratches and dents. It is better to install this flooring in places that don’t get too much traffic, like the bedroom.  It is also a little expensive, so if you are going for the luxurious look, this is a good choice.


Mahogany is famous for its alluring color and beauty. Not only is mahogany water-resistant, it is also very durable. If you have kids, this is the type of wood flooring you should go for. It will provide your house with a timeless and gorgeous look.


Maple flooring is even harder than oak, which means it is perfect for high-traffic places. There won’t be a danger of scratches or dents when you have maple floors in your house. There are sub-types of maple flooring that vary in durability, grain pattern, hardness, quality, and price. The grain pattern is very popular in maple wood floors, giving it a rustic look.


Everyone has dark-colored wooden floors, why don’t you be a little different and go with a light colored one? Ash wood floor will provide you with that exclusivity.  It is durable and not too hard on the pocket either. Ash flooring would go perfectly with a light interior of the house.

So what type of wood flooring are you installing in your house? Whichever one you choose, we are sure your house will look amazing.