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Top 10 Questions to Ask While Choosing the Best Hardwood Floor

All the first-time purchasers would agree, getting the best hardwood flooring is not an easy job by any standards. Since there are so many types of hardwoods, choosing the best can be the toughest task for a homeowner (no exaggeration!).  

In some cases, people get so overwhelmed in the hardwood flooring types, designs, cost, and installation process that the task of buying the best hardwood floors is delayed for weeks, or even months. Thus, it is imperative you learn some important things in advance which will help you get the best hardwood flooring possible.

1. What Kind of Hardwood Flooring is Ideal for my House?

To have an idea about it, contact a well-informed contractor right away. They will help provide you with expert advice on what type of the hardwood flooring will suit your house.

They would also tell you the best hardwood flooring type for your home’s natural environment.

2. What Hardwood Flooring is Ideal for Pet Owners?

The homeowners have to worry a lot about gouges, claw marks, stains, and scratches. Hence, they need to look for the best hardwood to protect the floors from pet-related damages. One of those hardwood floorings includes ceramic tile.

3. Is Engineered Flooring Better or Traditional Hardwood?

Both of these floorings fall under the best hardwood floors category. Both of them boast some advantages and disadvantages. So, choose the one suiting your personal needs best.

4. Does Wood Floors Change Overtime?best hardwood floors, best hardwood, best hardwood flooring

Wood floors are a great choice for homes.  One thing to note about this flooring is, hardwood changes color as it ages. Different kinds of wood floors experience a change in color at different rates. For example, oaks and hickory experience a little change of color with time while American cherry and Brazilian cherry drastically change their color over time. Pretty neat, huh?!

5. What Is the Best Wood Species for Me?

If you prefer light woods, go for ash or maple ones. To make your room appear cozier and warm, choose hickory or oak. For a classy and refined house, walnut and mahogany are the best hardwood floors.

6. Which Type of Sheen on Wooden Floor is Better?

It is simply a matter of preference. If you like more shine, opt for gloss finish wooden floor. Otherwise, it is better to go for semi-gloss or matte finish one.

7. How Long Does the Installation of Flooring Take?

Some types of floorings take a long time to install while others don’t. For example, site-finished floors take much more time in installation than factory-finished floors. This is because site-finished floors require multiple coats to achieve the desired result.

8. Can I Install Hardwood Floors By Myself?

Installing the best hardwood flooring is not as simple as painting your walls. It is a complicated procedure, and it’s best to have the proper training so your floors last.

The material and tools for hardwood floorings are expensive and if you made an error, your money could go all down the drain.

9. How to Keep Hardwood Floorings Looking New?

Your best hardwood flooring must be cleaned regularly with a vacuum or dust mop. Do not clean the hardwood flooring with water as it can damage the finish.

10. What Factors Can Shorten the Life of Hardwood Floor?

Accumulated dirt, dragged furniture, pet poop or claw marks are some of the things that can affect the durability of your hardwood flooring. To learn how to best protect your hardwood flooring, check out this blog here

If you can think of any other commonly asked questions, shoot them our way! We are happy to help!