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Top Products Offered by Mohawk Flooring

With an experience of over 130 successful years in the flooring industry, Mohawk Flooring houses some of the best and most advanced flooring solutions in the American market today. Their award-winning designs and strong backing of a dedicated team are what earns them a high reputation among all its clients. From carpets to luxury vinyl floors, they cover every aspect of flooring solutions that comes to one’s mind. This article will briefly offer an overview of the categories they feature.


Mohawk Flooring features an impressive range of carpeting made from the softest and most durable of fabrics one can imagine. According to them, carpeting adds warmth to any room and increases the insulation. The right carpets also promote sound absorption. The carpeting offered by Mohawk flooring can be easily installed on various surfaces –even the ones with irregularities. One can browse through a number of different styles, colors and textures until they come across one that wows their hearts.

One example is the Caribbean Shore (shown in the figure) among the many others. It is available in 40 different shades, guaranteeing that one won’t have a problem finding a color that goes with the overall décor of the house.

Hardwood Floors

For centuries, hardwood floors have remained a traditional hallmark in terms of style timelessness and performances. Many adore it for its raw beauty that oozes out, even more, every time a homeowner invests in one. They are mostly associated with long-lasting durability with a rich visual appeal that often receives compliments.

Luckily, Mohawk Flooring has some of the best designs to offer to those going with a more natural look in their homes. It features a variety of textures, styles, colors and specifies that will help one pick the best.

One example is the Glacier Oak which is available in a variety of colors and styles.


Let’s face it; tiles will never go out of style. With the many variances, designs, and textures they are available in, they still remain a preferred choice among many customers today. Thanks to Mohawk Flooring, those on the lookout for some great styles can stop by and shop from their amazing rustic, casual or refined looks. Mohawk flooring offers tiles for the walls and floors both –each boasting a set of impressive characteristics.

Some of the most favorite ones among clients include the Black Cloud, Nova Beige, and Crema.

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are a sophisticated take on hardwood floors offering a similar texture and style as that of wood. They are easier to install and maintain as compared to wooden floors. However, their biggest perks include affordability and environmentally friendly solution. At Mohawk Flooring, they make is using recycled materials.

Some of the most commendable ones include the Barnhouse Oak, Latte Sawn Oak, and the Cedar Chestnut.

Vinyl Flooring

A comparatively newer addition to flooring solutions, luxury vinyl flooring offered by Mohawk flooring speaks volume about sophistication, classiness, and elegance. They are high-performing floors, featuring the richness of expensive material like stone, hardwood, and ceramic tiles –all on a limited budget.

Care to look at some of the most impressive ones from their collection? Do consider Noce, Barnwood Chestnut, and Warm Honey Oak.